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How Intel used GPU targeting
to level up PC gamers‘ hardware

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Intel is world-renowned for high-performance AAA gaming hardware. How could Intel set itself apart and convince gamers to switch to their market-leading ARC GPU in a fiercely competitive market flooded with PC hardware brands?


Overwolf leveraged its unique hardware targeting ability to reach gamers based on their current GPU.

>Using this innovative approach

Using this innovative approach, Intel was able to deliver
personalized 'upgrade' messages during playtime to PC gamers with outdated GPUs, reaching the right audience at the perfect moment with the right message.

Overwolf‘s in-house creative studio - comprised of world-leading advertisers and real gamers - crafted engaging ads in a native gamer tongue, keeping the messaging simple and clear to resonate with Intel‘s target audience without interrupting their game time.

>Using this innovative approach


Millions of gamers were exposed to the ads, which achieved above-benchmark KPIs, including:

  • 92%


  • 78%

    Video completion rate

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