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Engage Gamers During Playtime
  • Overwolf is a premium publisher offering brands a rare gateway to hard-to-reach audiences: passionate core gamers and esports enthusiasts.
    Our platform enhances in-game experiences for some of the world's most popular titles, ranging from League of Legends to Minecraft and many more. Gamers use Overwolf’s gaming desktop apps to enhance their gameplay with extra layer of content, such as real-time stats and analytics, screen capture tools and many more.

    We proudly collaborate with industry leaders like Logitech, Intel, and Amazon, to bring diverse and impactful extensions to our platform, enhancing customer-side value.

  • Overwolf provides solutions for players who want to enhance their gaming experience in real-time. These desktop apps add extra features and functionality to the game, or various statistics and insights that help them play better. For instance, a player could have real-time chat capabilities, in-game guides, and even AI assistants.

    Our platform allows players to seamlessly integrate these apps right within their games, so there's no need to interrupt their game sessions.

    Players maintain complete control at all times, selecting and integrating only the apps they want for their game session. Because of this, Overwolf's desktop apps are the most seamless way to tap into the heart of the engaged gamer audience.

  • Advertisers and brands can work directly with us or programmatically through Deal ID/PMPs. We work with all popular platforms and can run a variety of deals (TheTradeDesk, Magnite/Rubicon, OpenX, Xandr, Adform, Pubmatic, IndexExchange, FreeWheel, Yahoo, Basis,, MediaGrid, etc.).

  • Ads are displayed as part of an Overwolf gaming desktop app that provides gamers with a valuable service. It is up to the app developer to determine where and when ads are shown. However, developers must adhere to Overwolf’s strict guidelines to ensure that these ads never disrupt the gaming experience. Ads are always displayed within the boundaries of the app, during downtime in the game, or when the gamer explicitly opens the app.

  • Yes, you have the flexibility to choose specific games and desktop apps for your advertising campaigns. We offer a targeted approach that allows you to select the games and apps that will meet your specific marketing goals. We can also provide valuable recommendations based on our insights into each game or app’s community. This ensures that your advertisements will reach the most relevant and engaged audience, and that you will benefit from our expert guidance in selecting the ideal platforms for your campaign.

  • Overwolf operates more like a software, similar to how Skype functions. To see ads, you'll need to first install Overwolf and then launch one of its apps within a game.

  • We mostly serve video and banner ads in-game that operate in full-screen mode, ensuring our apps are always 100% in-view. We don't incorporate any scroll bars that might affect ad placements, so ads consistently appear above the fold and are immediately visible to users. Additionally, our apps function seamlessly, even with ad-blockers running in the background, ensuring consistent ad visibility.

  • While Overwolf excels at boosting brand awareness, it's less centered on performance marketing. Given that our ads are displayed in-game and clicking on one redirects a gamer to their desktop browser, the likelihood for click-throughs is naturally lower compared to traditional websites. However, since gamers are fully attentive to their game screen as they wait for a match to load, our platform offers unparalleled brand awareness compared to other advertising channels.

  • Our campaigns are designed to be highly turnkey for our partners. You can either upload your standard assets, as we work seamlessly with standard IAB assets, or we can collaborate with you to create custom creatives that perfectly match our media opportunities. The level of customization is entirely up to you, ensuring that it fits your specific needs and preferences.

  • We use Google Ad Manager as our ad server and Aniview as our video player.

  • Our inventory is monitored around the clock by tools like Human, MOAT, DoubleVerify, Protected Media and Pixalate. We also scan our traffic with GeoEdge for brand safety.

  • The majority of Overwolf gamers hail from North America, EU, Nordics and LATAM.

  • Yes! We use the IAB Transparency & Consent Framework to manage users' consent (CMP).

    Residents of the European Economic Area (“EEA”) can exercise certain data subject rights available to them under applicable data protection laws. For more information, please check our Privacy Policy.

  • We offer comprehensive reporting services for all types of campaigns. In addition to standard IAB reporting, we provide detailed insights into geographical data, specific game and app metrics, GPU and CPU statistics, and other hyper-detailed opportunities.

  • Absolutely! Users have full control over their exposure. For more information check out our Privacy Policy.

  • Yes, Overwolf ensures that we adhere to the most recent publisher-specific ad guidelines by working closely with all game developers and publishers. We take our commitment to ad guidelines very seriously, and we are always working to stay up-to-date on the latest requirements.

  • No! We’re all gamers here at Overwolf Ads, including our media, creative, and partnerships directors. We know that gamers value their gaming experience - just like we do - and we’re committed to not disrupting it. Our ads are strategically placed during moments when gamers are attentive but not engaged in crucial gameplay. These formats are displayed thoughtfully on the game screen, in line with developers' and publishers' guidelines. Furthermore, our activations allow gamers to opt in and opt out as they see fit.

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