Overwolf Culture

Overwolf is in the business of empowering creativity in gaming and making the best games even better through user-generated content.

At the core of who we are, is a set of values.
These values have been the building blocks and the guiding light for how we operate, for who we hire, and for the way we make day-to-day decisions.

Overwolf Culture

The following 5 core values are the essence of the Overwolf DNA:

  • Support Main

    • Service
    • Integrity
    • Teamwork

    We’re in the business of empowering others. We are not the heroes of the story, but the supporting force behind the veil. Support Main is about seeing others, caring about their needs, and willfully serving them. We’re sensitive to the challenges of our pack members, our peers, and the gaming community and do our best to be supportive, attentive, and kind. Their glory is our own.

  • On-the-Hunt

    • Hunger
    • Initiative
    • Speed

    We’re awake, alert, and ready to jump on opportunities.
    Being On-the-Hunt is about detecting favorable circumstances as they arise, figuring out the right moment to strike, and moving quickly with our pack members to seize them. We never passively wait for someone else to act, we do. We’re not given, we earn. We are wolves, after all.

  • Quest Complete

    • Ownership
    • Reliability
    • Get it done

    We never abandon a mission midway. Quest Complete is about one’s ability to own and execute a task from start to finish. Having a solution-seeking soul, rather than a problem-raising one. Our genuine care and reliability generate peace of mind for our pack members, knowing we will get the job done, or raise a red flag on time. We’ll do whatever it takes to check all our quest’s objectives, until the end credits roll.

  • Tame Your Shadow

    • Be open & honest
    • Embrace feedback
    • Avoid drama

    We all have a dark side. Taming your Shadow is about dominating our negative emotions rather than the other way around. Seeing feedback as a gift rather than as an insult. Sensing when our defensive, offensive, passive-aggressive, ego-driven thoughts emerge. When that happens, we pause, reflect, and alchemize those feelings into a source of fuel. Casting shadows is human; Taming them - is wolfish.

  • Become Legendary

    • Growth mindset
    • Passion
    • Mastery

    We don’t settle for Common or even Rare. Becoming Legendary is about having a true passion for evolving, improving, and mastering our domains. You touch legendary when you’ve created something that’s better than before, carefully crafted to its tiniest details, and most of all, inspiring. It’s about having a growth mindset that’s always striving to become and to create better. It’s a quest we’ve all eagerly embarked upon, aspiring to become progressively less stupid every day.

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How we work

We take pride in our approach to work and productivity. As part of our team, we would expect you to try your best to meet these standards, and to progressively improve towards them. We encourage you to give and receive feedback to the people you work with based on these principles.


We do
We don't

We’re concise and articulate in speech and writing.

Write walls of text on Slack.

We listen well and seek to understand before reacting.

Impulsively indulge our lizard brain in fight/flight responses.

We breathe deeply and remain calm in stressful situations to draw out the clearest thinking.

Start trolling and flaming the jungler, or resort to any other unproductive and stress inducing behaviours.

We provide candid, helpful, timely feedback to colleagues

Stay silent to avoid conflict

We choose the appropriate tool for our communications: Slack DMs are for short quick messages. Emails for longer async messages, and attachments. Neither are for conversations (for this we meet or talk)

Send endless DM exchanges on Slack or crazy long emails without supporting materials.

We communicate respectfully, in a way suitable for a professional working space

Use toxic language, or comment on someone’s appearance, gender or sexuality

We talk in many languages, but write in English

Write in Klingon, or any other language than English


We do
We don't

We operate based on what’s best for Overwolf.

Make decisions based on what’s best for yourself or your team.

We’re driven by the best ideas, not hierarchy.

Do things “because the CEO said so” when we feel there’s a better alternative.

When we can, we take the time to help our peers and understand they might need us to achieve goals for Overwolf.

Ignore requests for help because we’re too busy, or we’re focused on completing our own tasks.

We understand that sometimes we need to disagree and commit.

Get stuck just because our original opinion was not adopted.

We encourage a drama-free environment.

Let our egos take the main stage.


We do
We don't

We praise publicly, and criticize privately.

Criticize our peers in public channels or in front of a crowd.

When giving feedback, we carefully consider timing, context and content carefully.

Burst into someone’s office to provide feedback as they’re working on a tight deadline.

We treat giving feedback like brushing our teeth, not an appointment at the dentist.

Wait for the 360 review to say what we think.

We do our best to be active and not passive - our feedback will include a suggestion to what could be done better.

Vent in a passive-aggressive manner.

We thank the feedback provider.

When given feedback, we get defensive and rant.


We do
We don't

We’re fully transparent, and apart from private matters, our books are open.

Hold information back, on a “need to know” basis.

We’re candid, non-political, and we talk Tachles.

Beat around the bush.

We admit mistakes openly and freely, mistakes are to be learned from.

Keep mistakes to ourselves to save face.

We only say things about fellow team members that you say to their face.

Talk and rant behind people’s backs.

We treat people with respect regardless of their status or disagreement with you.

Hold the greater respect to rank.

We always share relevant information internally, even when worrisome to do so. We don’t share confidential information externally.

Sugar coat data and business issues if they’re sensitive.


We do
We don't

We acknowledge that if done wrong, meetings can be deadly.

Call a 10 person meeting without thoroughly thinking about it.

We end meetings with clear next steps.

End meetings with everyone left confused on what the next steps are - the “who, what, and when”.

We come very prepared, and we use our kickoff template when needed.

Wing it and improvise, it will be fine.

We add an agenda and relevant links ahead of the meeting for all participants to prepare accordingly.

We surprise invitees and ask them for data or information they did not have time to study.


We do
We don't

We accomplish amazing amounts of important work.

Do for doing’s sake.

We start with why.

Act even if we don’t understand the why.

We make our colleagues better.

Focus only on making ourselves better.

We focus on long-term results over process.

Heavy on the process bureaucracy.


We do
We don't

We make wise decisions despite ambiguity.

Become paralyzed by lack of information, and wait without making a decision until EVERYTHING is crystal clear.

We identify root causes, and get beyond treating symptoms.

Only focus on putting out fires.

We are good at using data to inform our intuition.

Follow the data blindly and leave no room for intuition.

We make decisions based on the long term, not short term.

Optimize for short term gain, even if that may hurt long term.