Our Mission

We’re gamers. Our mission is to create value for every gamer in every game. This is why we’ve built an Appstore with apps to help gamers play smarter and have fun. As we’ve grown, our ability to fulfill this vision has grown by empowering independent third party creators, developers and partners, to use our platform and create apps for the games they love.

The Overwolf Dev Platform

As on open platform, Overwolf presents a unique opportunity for independent developers - for the first time in history a passionate creator or developer can play a game they enjoy, spot a gap or think up a cool feature the original devs left out, and make their idea a reality within mere weeks or months. If you are a developer and you want to learn more about creating apps on Overwolf, check out our developers website, and apply for our fund!

Our Commitment to Gamers

As fellow gamers, we know how pop-ups and overlays can ruin a critical moment, so we’ll never mess with or interrupt your game. We engineer the sh*t out of our client to ensure it doesn’t hog resources. We constantly perfect Overwolf to help us be at the top of our game, in every game.


The game comes first, always. No matter what - you call the shots. We are proud to be working hand in hand with the best game developers on the planet (e.g., Riot, Epic Games or Blizzard). We love your games, we’re your fans. If you have any feedback for us or the apps on Overwolf, we’ll always listen and take your guidance. Just email us at developers@overwolf.com.


Work Hard.
Play Hard,
at Work.

We’re a close-knit team of gamers, geeks and techies, working together to create stuff we really want for the games we really love. Some of us engineer software, or run marathons, or hunt dragons. But more than anything else, we game. We define ourselves by this one activity more than any other. We take pride in our work, which is serving the gaming community and making gaming experiences even more awesome! Check out our open positions.