Unleashing UGC - The Ultimate Key for Everlasting Game Engagement

We support game studios that integrate UGC into their games - driving engagement, extending game life, and fostering vibrant communities

  • Equity Investment

    We invest up to $1M in studios of all stages, as a followup investor (no lead)

  • CurseForge for Studios

    Integrate mods into your game, in a safe and moderated way, supercharging it with endless content

  • Creators Community

    Tap into a 165K+ authors community that can expand your game experience beyond imagination

We are excited to work with Overwolf as they share our vision for user-generated content. They understand the importance of integrating player-created mods, maps, and cosmetics in The Anacrusis. For us, it's about much more than just adding content to the game—it’s about empowering creators to become involved with the development of the games they love.
Chet Faliszek, CEO, Stray Bombay

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What types of projects is the fund suitable for?

    Any game that plans to incorporate community driven content in any shape or form. It can be mods or third-party applications in the game client or web.

  • How do you structure the funding?

    We act as follow-on investors for studios who have kicked off their projects and have a dedicated working team. If you have not yet started development, you are still welcome to apply. We will review your project to determine if we can help you kick start.

  • Are you looking into specific game genres?

    No, all genres are welcomed!

  • Do you require specific tech specs for the game?

    No. Although Unity and Unreal engines are easier to support, our solution can work with any API.

  • What does the process look like?

    Once you submit your application, our team will review and contact you within a week. After preliminary approval, we will spend another 2-3 weeks conducting due diligence and fine tuning the details of your plan. Once both sides approve the plan, we’ll draft a contract and send it over for signature.

Build the perfect modding community for your game!