Turn Your Passion
Into a Profession

Whether you’re running a popular gaming website, or just
starting out with an idea - come build an in-game or desktop
app for your favorite game using the Overwolf framework.
We’ll fund your efforts while you focus on your project

Turn Your Passion <br />Into a Profession Apply for funding
Turn Your Passion <br />Into a Profession
  • Grant Based Investment

    Grant Based Investment

    Get the funding you need without
    giving away any equity

  • Beyond Funding

    Beyond Funding

    We can help with design, coding, testing,
    marketing, mentorship and much more

  • Focus on Development

    Focus on Development

    Put to rest your concerns of overhead
    and budgets, and just focus on developing

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Overwolf's APIs streamlined my app development, allowing me to focus on user-favorite features rather than technical roadblocks. The Accelerator team evolved my hobby into robust, widely-used software with a refreshed, professional brand and UI. Replays.lol

Frequently asked questions

  • We’re looking for projects that will make gamers play smarter and have more fun. The project also needs to run on the Overwolf framework.

  • No. The apps fund is a grant-based fund that does not take equity. Your project is yours and will always stay yours, we recoup the investment from future revenues.

  • We offer a one-stop-shop for developers to peacefully develop their apps, but we can also help in developing it! Product acceleration, development and design assistance, data analysis, monetization optimizations, marketing collaborations and strategic mentoring are only some of the help we can offer.

  • For the apps fund, we usually offer grants from a few thousand dollars up to hundred thousands per project, and we split it into milestones which we set up and agree upon with you.

  • Both! We invest in creators, whether they work alone or as part of a team - if the concept is solid and the skill set is there, we will welcome you - one and all.

  • It’s a risk we all take. In case it did not work out, we’d appreciate the effort, thank you for trying, and encourage you to learn from your mistakes, grow and possibly start something else.

  • Once you submit your application, our team will review your submission and contact you within 1-2 weeks. After preliminary approval, we will spend another 2-3 weeks in a due diligence process with you, fine tuning the details and your plan. Once both sides approve the plan, we’ll draft a contract and send it over for signing!

Kickstart your app development

Kickstart your app development