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Powerful tech, flexible APIs and all the support you could ask for - Overwolf is the perfect platform for building your in-game app

Time events

Use real time events

Overwolf’s game event API tracks what’s happening in top PC games, enabling real time response from your app

  • Game launch and match start events
  • Round and match outcome - victory or defeat
  • Player actions including kills, deaths and even headshots
  • Team & enemy rankings, builds and more
Full Event Documentation

Desktop, overlay & second screen apps

Create desktop apps with in-game overlays using simple HTML and JavaScript

  • Desktop icon, custom installer, auto updates - the works!
  • Custom in-game overlays activated by hotkeys
  • Second monitor functionality supported

Passion to profession

Monetize your app with a unique ad experience designed for gamers. Make sure you only show ads when the gamer is receptive, and never interrupt gameplay

  • Monetization through ads
  • Ad-free subscription available
  • Benefit from incubation and marketing support
  • Apply for up to $500K funding, partnered with Intel
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Build your vision
We’re here for you

Build from the ground up or start from a sample app, starting is easy and we got your back!