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Creation is only the beginning. Activate our elite team of marketers, designers, coders, and gaming experts to help you power up your creations and share them with the world.

Get expert guidance on design and coding


Guide your creative process with expert advice and assistance on design, development and testing.

  • UX/UI refinement

    Get hands-on help from our professional designers to craft the perfect in-game experience.

  • Development support

    Get ongoing support as you build your dream app or mod, or let us connect you with an expert dev studio to handle the coding for you.

  • Expert testing

    Have your app or mod tested by those best fit to review it - expert gamers who live and breathe the game your app is built for. Learn more

Take your creation to the masses


Share your app or mod with Overwolf’s community of 20 million gamers worldwide.

  • Get on the Appstore

    Publish on the Overwolf Appstore or CurseForge platform and get your creation in front of millions of gamers.

  • Boost of recommendations

    Grow your audience and reach by having your app recommended by Overwolf directly to die-hard gamers.

Get serious about growth


Amplify your reach with Overwolf's in-house marketing agency handling creative production, campaign management and even influencer marketing.

  • Marketing production

    Give your creations the spotlight they deserve with professionally produced videos, animations, landing pages, banners and more.

  • A-Z Campaign management

    Advertise your app across Youtube,
    Google and Facebook with professional end-to-end campaign management.

  • Influencer management

    Get your app promoted by top creators and influencers, and build powerful relationships with big names gamers trust.

Great products deserve to get made

Get Funded

We've partnered with Intel to create the world's first and only fund dedicated to in-game creators. This $7M fund empowers developers to build their dream creation on the Overwolf platform. Apply for funding here.

  • Investment

    No equity share! Our grant based investment will help you kickstart your dream.

  • Mentoring

    We’ll work with you on your product, plan its growth, and create a go-to market strategy.

  • Monetization

    Make your passion into a profession by monetizing using the Overwolf SDK.

Apply for funding

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