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Our team of accelerators is fully specialized in various fields in the product realm, and we’re all here to help you level up your product

Our services

  • Branding


    Our team of designers will tailor the best branding needs to make sure your product strikes gold

  • UX / UI

    UX / UI

    Together, we’ll create a smooth, clean,
    and visually appealing user experience
    for your product

  • 360° Product Strategy

    360° Product Strategy

    Together we’ll define the perfect strategy
    for your product and skyrocket it
    to the moon

Developers Feedback


A BIG THANK YOU to the team at Overwolf! the work process was great and very professional. We achieved great things for PLAYMASTER private BETA! It is now polished, with cherry on the cake.
Super excited to learn and improve our ways towards a full product with all of you.



Working with the acceleration team was literally a game-changer for me. I had this itch to create something cool for League of Legends players helping them make sense of their recaps and slip-ups, but working with the team really took my idea to its fullest potential. The work with them was very professional and gave me a lot of tools for my journey ahead.



I am by trade a backend developer. While I love building stuff, it is usually not tremendously appealing, and I have a tendency to build features for expert users like me. Having the Acceleration assist me in the earlier stages of the development gave me a reality check on what I was building, and gave the app the very polished look it has today. It is fair to say that Firestone wouldn't be where it is today without both of them.


Other Accelerated Projects

  • Alienware
  • porofessor
  • firestone
  • facecheck
  • league-tracker
  • itero
  • voicemod
  • trophy-hunter
  • playmaster
  • mimic
  • velox
  • tip-genius

Frequently asked questions

  • The Overwolf Acceleration Program is exclusively designed for developers who are already leveraging Overwolf’s ecosystem with their apps. So if you're seeking to level up your app’s impact with specialized support in branding, product design, and strategic planning, this program is definitely for you.

  • To begin your journey with the Overwolf Acceleration Program, ensure you have an existing app on Overwolf. If you're just starting out and need guidance on developing your app, our Overwolf documentation site offers extensive resources to help you kick off your development process.

    For those with an existing app or in the process of development:

    • If you have a designated Developer Relations contact at Overwolf, we encourage you to reach out directly to them. They’re here to guide you all the way and give you the exact support that your project needs.
    • If you do not have a personal DevRel contact or are unsure who to reach out to, please do not hesitate to contact us at Our team is ready to guide you through the initial steps and connect you with the resources you need to succeed in the Acceleration Program.
  • Our acceleration process unfolds uniquely for each project, recognizing the distinct aspirations of every developer. Here’s what you can expect:

    1. Initial Alignment with DevRel 
      Your journey starts with syncing up with your Overwolf DevRel contact, kicking off the process and setting the stage for success.

    2. Application and Whitelisting
      Submit your application and pass through a whitelisting process, solidifying your project’s entry into the program.

    3. Acceleration Kick-off
      After whitelisting, we tailor our acceleration approach to your app's specific needs.

    4. Strategic Product Planning
      We’ll dive deep into defining a product strategy that positions your app for success.

    5. Branding and Design Language
      Together, we'll develop a unique brand identity and design language that resonates with your target audience.

    6. UX and UI Enhancement
      Enhance your app’s user experience and interface, ensuring it exceeds user expectations and reflects industry best practices.

    7. Alignment with App's Best Practices
      We’ll fine-tune your app, ensuring it aligns with industry best practices for maximum impact.

  • With a diverse array of services at our disposal, we carefully select and tailor those that best support and enhance your app's journey, making sure they’re perfectly aligned with your project's unique ambitions and needs.
    Here are some of the specific services with which we can transform your vision into reality:

    Working closely together, we'll uncover and refine the brand concept and visual language that truly reflects your creation. Taking into acc ount your product’s positioning and the rules of the game it's associated with, we aim to build a brand identity that stands out and speaks directly to your target audience.

    UX/UI Design
    Our aim is to deliver smooth, intuitive, and delightful user experiences custom-made for gaming products. As passionate gamers, we meticulously ensure every element of your product's design amplifies the natural gaming experience, crafting it just how we would love it ourselves - ensuring users receive nothing short of an amazing and seamless experience.

    360° Product Strategy
    Developing an excellent product is just the beginning. We assist you in crafting and executing a comprehensive strategy that charts the path to success, guiding you through each and every significant milestone. Our support evolves with your project, ensuring strategies are always aligned with your goals and market dynamics.

  • The Acceleration Program is offered completely free of charge. All we ask for is your full commitment to the process - and in return, we dedicate ourselves to making your product a howling success.

  • Beyond the eternal fame and glory, of course, you'll emerge with a standout product that's ready to make its mark on the world. Our program is designed to guide you through to completion, ensuring a rewarding quest and a product that both you and your users will love.

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