Aeternum Map - Your Ultimate New World Companion

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Welcome to Aeternum Map, your all-in-one companion for conquering the lands of Aeternum! Explore New World with confidence, armed with the most comprehensive toolset at your disposal.

🔥 Support for "Rise of the Angry Earth" DLC and Season 3

Ride mounts, wield a new weapon, explore transformed lands, and more with full support for the "Rise of the Angry Earth" DLC and Season 3 content!

🌍 Discover Everything Aeternum Has to Offer

Uncover New World's secrets with ease. My app provides you with a wealth of information, including locations, farming spots, resources, lore documents, chests, mobs, and more.

📍 Real-Time Position Tracking with Minimap Support

Stay on the right path with my real-time position tracking feature, complete with a minimap. Know exactly where you are on Aeternum and navigate with precision.

🔄 Optimize Your Resource Income

Maximize your resource gathering efficiency with my farming routes, ensuring you collect the essentials for your New World journey.

👥 Stay Connected with Your Group

Coordinate your actions seamlessly with group functionality. See your teammates' positions on the map and conquer Aeternum together.

🎮 Effortless Integration

Aeternum Map seamlessly integrates with New World, automatically detecting your in-game character. It even starts up alongside New World to enhance your gaming experience.

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Connect with fellow adventurers and share your experiences on my Discord server. I value your input and encourage contributions to my open-source project on GitHub.

Get ready to conquer Aeternum like never before. Download Aeternum Map and embark on your journey to become a legend in New World!