MusicMods is now in BETA!

Interactive music and stinger packs, in tune and time with the game, can transform your game experience. Currently supporting Apex Legends and League of Legends with amazing playlists to choose from.

Test the experience for free with tracks from Avicii, Petit Biscuit, Destroy Boys and others in our starter playlist. Customize your game with music from many more great artists like Milky Chance, Zimmer90 and Waterparks. Why not try out Soundstripe’s Best of Synthwave playlist, the suggestive film trailer music from The Solos or tracks from Kings & Creatures and Duomo featured in previous Apex Legends trailers? Every week we will be adding new music, new artists and new packs for you.

MusicMods allows you to create playlists, customize your stingers and effects with music playlists and interactive musical effect packs, generating musical effects in response to your actions in the game that are always in time and pitch with the song you've selected.

Connect music to your gameplay with MusicMods (Beta).

How to use:

Out of game

  • Preview and select one of our curated playlists, or create your own with your favourite tracks.
  • Pick a Musical Effect Pack that fits your mood.


  • The MusicMods overlay app shows up automatically and allows you to control your music. Just turn off the default in-game music and start playing to hear your custom soundtrack magically react to your gameplay!

Beta notes (last updated 2024-05-20):

  • We're currently supporting League of Legends and Apex Legends. MusicMods will receive updates regularly and more games will be supported soon.
  • We currently have a limited music library across genres. Check in regularly as MusicMods will also be updated regularly with new playlists and Musical Effect Packs.
  • Let us know what games, music and features you would like to see in MusicMods, or simply give us feedback by joining the MusicMods Discord Server.