Note: This is a standalone app. It does not require installing the Overwolf client.

Your best play with OP.GG for Desktop

Now, focus more on the game. OP.GG for Desktop will provide you with the necessary information you need. And if you want, it will automatically set the runes and items for you.

This is the official app made by OP.GG

Champion Tier and Stats

  • OP Tier: shows which champion is good to play in the current meta. The closer it is to Tier 1, the more it is an OP Champion
  • Mythic item builds
  • Rune builds
  • Early Lane Tips: check tips for early lane battles for the champion that your opponent has selected
  • Howling Abyss aka ARAM: check the OP Tier of champions in the bench

OP.GG Pick

  • Easily check and analyze your season's most played champions are suitable for the current meta
  • We also recommend champions that have good synergy with your season's most played champions


  • Quickly check the recent condition of your teammates


  • Check the real-time team comps
  • Check the selected meta with early, mid, and late builds and it is also provided as an overlay


  • Recommended skills to level up at each level
  • CS, Gold comparison overlay
  • TFT overlay
  • And more will be added soon.

Indie Games

  • Play indie games while you are waiting for the queue.

And more

Install OP.GG for Desktop and check all the features inside.