PC Games News

The PC Games News Overwolf app is the first to deliver the latest news direct to you while you play. Simply start up any supported title and you’ll get in-game notifications of any breaking stories, and when the action is over you’ll be able to take a more leisurely look at the latest updates and guides for your favourite games via the app. With a feed powered by PCGamesN, you'll get the latest industry updates, accessible via a simple click and without having to leave your game.

  • Get news on League of Legends, Fortnite, Among Us, and hundreds of other games.
  • Enjoy fresh content either via a second screen, or have the app running in the background while you play.
  • Explore the world of PC gaming, with original reporting, breaking news, detailed guides and the latest reviews from the expert team at PCGamesN.
  • Get notified about breaking news as it happens, without having to leave the action.

The PC Games News app is currently in beta - let us know if you see something out of place!