Liifer works in USA and Canada only

Liifer securely connects gamers with local restaurants and 3rd party delivery services that bring them the widest food variety without interrupting their game (currently covers USA and Canada only).

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- COLLECT LIIFER BUCKS FOR EACH HOUR SPENT GAMING Liifer Bucks can be exchanged for discounts on food ordering !

  • Allows ordering food directly from your gaming setup without leaving the game!

  • Small in-game overlay app and hotkeys to rapidly order food and items in-game

  • Also includes a desktop app version for full-screen access

  • Works in sync with the Liifer web app at and on your mobile phone

  • Access to tons of nearby restaurants (800,000 in the USA and Canada)

  • Create up to 10 pre-configured meals, ready for rapid order during the game

  • Quick ordering (place an order in seconds, not minutes!)

  • Easily toggle between multiple delivery addresses (home, cottage, hotel, etc.)

  • Detailed Custom Meal creation (options, sides, garnishes, toppings, beverages, etc.)

  • Meal editing

  • Support for English and French language (Spanish coming soon!)

Liifer supports over 1500 games.