Fight™️ is a service dedicated to making statistical tracking easier for Event managers, Teams, Organizations.

For Events we let hosts use our software to show real time stats of their games and show an online leaderboard on our website. This makes it extremely easy for viewers to understand exactly what is going on and for teams to see how well they do. We also have plans to record and show replays of kills, amazing plays, and anything the teams might want. We believe this will help the event hosters as it will help create highlights much easier.

For Teams & Organizations we plan to help them by showing exactly how well their players are doing. We can track the stats for any match they play, including Team-vs-Team games. We want this to change how teams play against each other because it makes watching even small games more interesting. Our software will allow them to make well educated and informed calls when they are making choices and how it will affect the overall team comp.

As of right now, our service supports 8 games. Join our Discord server to stay tuned for updates!