Play smarter and better with in-game and real-time support

Dota Coach helps you improve your Dota 2 gameplay, medal and MMR!

The app provides the following features:

  • Stats on your teammates and enemies during the hero selection phase
  • Ability and item build recommendations for your hero
  • Recent item builds of your enemies
  • Counter item recommendations for enemy heroes
  • Timers for Roshan, Aegis, Glyph of Fortification, Buybacks and Ultimates
  • Notifications for main events such as Bounty Runes, Water Runes, Power Runes, Neutral Items and Daytime
  • Voice coaching during the entire game
  • Tool to vote on strategy and tactical actions during the game
  • Easy sharing of app's voice messages over the game chat

Lots of functionalities are available for free. Subscribers get access to Ultimate timers, coachings for all heroes (124 instead of 5), ads removed and support the development of the app - thanks!

Visit our web site and watch our tutorial to learn more about Dota Coach.