Advanced Warzone Stats Tracker


Track all players in your lobby. Find out how strong are your opponents and teammates by Warzone stats to transform your weak sides into strong ones. Scan your matches and lobbies with average players stats, leaderboards, and your own performance historically.


Learn your weak and strong skills in Warzone Stats App. Find out what you have improved in and what you need to keep eye on. Track your favorite skills and learn the best records of your matches. Friends and Teammates Warzone stats will help you to choose the best squad for your matches to win more


Check your performance for every match by comparison of your result to your average values. Dynamics graphs will show all of the changes in your performance by the most important metrics. Track every event that happened in your game by time to understand what exactly happened in your match


View all of the important Warzone stats directly on your screen inside your game. Find out how your progress is changing by each match depending on your playstyle and track your session stats in live mode. Our live Warzone tracker collects events to analyse your gameplay for a better experience.