Take your TBC and WOTLK classic experience to the next level!

Packed full of features, WOWTBC is a companion app for The Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King Classic. From hand-crafted Best-in-Slot Lists, Class Guides, and Raid Walkthroughs, to data-driven rankings and raid comp tool, this app will help you optimize your character efficiently as you rage battle against the Burning Legion.


  • BiS Lists for Every Spec
  • Arena Class Rankings
  • Raid Class Rankings
  • Class Guides
  • Raid Boss Guides
  • Dungeon Leveling Guide
  • Talent Calculator
  • Raid Comp Calculator
  • Attunement Tracker
  • Raid Comp Tool
  • Loot Tables

For more information, visit wowtbc.gg.