Counter-Strike 2 Tracker

Powered by Counter-Strike 2 Tracker, track your progress as you play, start ranking up now!

Live Match Career Stats

View FACEIT levels and player ranks in your current match. Adjust your tactics to the level of opposition you are playing.

Live Match Scoreboard

Gain additional insight into each player's performance in your current match. See your live duel stats against enemy players.

Profile Overview

Gather a quick overview of your own profile, or another player. View your ratings, accuracy, number of aces, performance score and more.

Detailed Match History

View all your previous matches at a glance, open up any match for more detail. View the roster, advanced scoreboard, and more from each match to understand your impact.

The Perfect Lineup Tool

Learn new lineups whilst in-game! Press the hotkey and find a nade to aid you in any situation!

Smart Video Highlights

Automatically clip your best moments and share with your friends. Clean and simple, no more overflowing video folder you need to keep cleaning out.

More Features Coming Soon

We're hard at work adding more features and improvements! Follow us on Twitter and join our Discord for updates!

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