Skelly redefines networking for Gamers

Easily create and share your epic gaming profile. Select from more than 200,000 games and get awesome link previews when sharing your profile through social media.

Find fellow gamers, teams, coaches, and eSports stars and connect with them.

Get discovered by players and teams. By setting your profile to public they can find you through Skelly or search engines like Google. For example, enter 'skelly drluminous' in Google and click on the link to get to the gamer’s profile.

Seamlessly interact with your network. Skelly provides file-sharing, chat, audio and video calls directly in the game.

Effortless share your achievements. Take screenshots during the game and share them through Skelly or easily post them on X with only a few clicks.

Stay informed about your friends in real-time. See the games your friends are playing. For Valorant observe the round they are in or their current score for Dota 2. You can also get notified when their match ends.

Share your feedback on other players with the community. When playing Dota 2 or Valorant, you can commend, report or flag players as Smurfs and see what the community is saying. You can also take private notes.

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