Musme is a lightweight Overwolf overlay that helps you to control your Spotify music while in the game!

Have you ever wanted to skip a song while in the middle of a teamfight? Or have you ever wanted to save that awesome tune for later but you're just too lazy to Alt Tab? Well Musme is here to help!

The app works on all Overwolf supported games which include the titles like League of Legends, CS:GO, Minecraft, Valorant, and over 100 more! The app lets you see which song you are listening to on Spotify on any of your devices in real-time. Browse through your liked songs and add to queue a song from your Daily Mix 3. If you have Spotify Premium, you can even skip, pause or save a song to your liked song list with just one click. You can also bind them to a hotkey and be faster than ever. Put the app in any corner and resize it to fit any game UI.

You don't need a second monitor just for controlling your Spotify anymore. Resize the overlay, bind your favorite keys and enjoy your gaming session with your beloved tunes.

Browse and control your Spotify while in game has never been easer!

Important note:

Pausing/playing/skipping songs is available only for Spotify Premium users. This is a limitation of Spotify and the app cannot do anything about it.