We proudly hold the most accurate outcome (winner) predictions for LoL ranked games (before the game starts)

This is not statistics.

It's a very complex AI model of very deep neural networks, analyzing the latest games for each player to determine who will win.

Why do I need this?

Having loss streaks happens to everyone, but it's hard to know if you are playing bad, or you had a bad draft each time. The AI can tell you in a very unbiased way what the chance of winning of your draft was each time. This is very helpful to keep a good mentality while climbing ranked games. It will also tell you if you were just lucky or if you played well!

Why not just use statistics?

The accuracy of this AI is about 2x as accurate than what's possible to do with statistics-based analysis. This AI doesn't get distracted if someone had a very good win-rate when he was 3 divisions under and still climbing, if he now started underperforming (maybe playing when tired? getting free wins?). Statistics are often much more misleading and biased. This AI will check many more details, even how the player performs at different hours of the day!

Why so many numbers?

The AI also gives more detailed information about the strength of each player. This can be used to devise a better game plan, where to spend resources, etc. As you use CSC more these will be more intuitive and some people report the individual scores to be the most helpful feature, surpassing the overall score.

Heavy AI

It takes into account performance, mood/tilt, premades, playstyle, champion mastery, the matchmaking system, and could possibly detect more concepts we aren't aware of. Use it together with your own intuition for best results.