Immerse yourself in the core of what gaming is all about!

Custom and detailed statistics that you can track by lifetime, by game type/mode that you play, or by all game types/modes and, drill down by match, by day, by week, and by month statistics. Follow up and improve your goals vs shots goal ratio, wins vs loses, and much more.

In addition to the detailed statistics, you can create your simplified custom statistics and add up to 3-4 players, depending on the game. You can use those custom statistics however you like, competing with friends, compare and try to improve against a better player than you so, you can improve e.t.c.

View your highlights from the game with some statistics and information about the match like the team, result, how many clips you have for that match, match victory or defeat, your score, and e.t.c.

Check where you stand on the global leaderboard which will reset monthly so everyone has the chance to compete fairly.

Win and achieve badges and recognition from the community, customize your profile, set your discord link, Twitch, Steam and more…

This application has frequent updates, new feature releases, more support for other games, and much more to come. This application is built by die-hard gamers that listen to what gamers have to say. Happy Gaming!!!