ProComps is the best app for League of Legends players and teams that want to improve their drafting skills and performance. We have created ProComps to help players lose fewer games in the champ select screen and we are just starting!

Live draft assistant

  • Information on team gamestyles, scaling, and warnings.
  • Champion suggestions based on gamestyles, scaling, counters, synergies and more.
  • Pre-game guide to study smart team strategies.
  • Compatible with League Client, Prodraft & Draftlol and updated after each patch.

Custom Tier list

Create your own tier-list for each lane if you wish to customize the software insights during live league of legends draft.

Champ pool

Input multiple player champ pools including yourself by mastery level, create multiple teams and allocate each player by lane.

Comp builder

Try limitless combinations to figure out strengths and weaknesses of each team compositions and save for future use in drafts. You can train your game knowledge around team comp strategies as well!

Comp creator

Enter your champion pool, select gamestyle, scaling and champs to counter so that we can calculate the best LoL team comp for the current meta.

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