Unite your gaming multiverse

Link your gaming platforms and PlayTracker will create a unified profile and game library for you, as well as pull interesting stats and graphs about your gaming career. Connect Steam, PlayStation, XBOX, GOG, and more!

Level up and show off

As you play on any platform, your game data will automatically sync to PlayTracker and you'll earn XP and level up, unlocking new cosmetic options for your profile like cover images, user titles, and stickers.

Complete exciting challenges

Earn rewards each season by completing challenges, clearing your backlog, competing with friends, or ranking on achievement hunting leaderboards. The best players even get free games every season!

The data you need, while you play

Launch a game and PlayTracker will create a hub page containing all the data you need while you play: upcoming or pinned achievements, available challenges, various stats, friends that play, and even your personal notes.