Play your favorite games with your friends quickly and easily with Nodecraft! Get your server launched with 3 easy steps, then with our unique Save & Swap feature, you can play Minecraft today, CS:GO tomorrow, and ARK the next day at no additional cost.

Nodecraft Powered is the companion app to our service, giving you in-game control over your servers that was previously impossible. This includes:

  • List and manage your existing game servers for all of your games
  • In-game overlay to monitor your server, troubleshoot issues, and control it without ever leaving the game. You can start/stop/restart your server, and even use the console to input commands to remotely manage it.

Nodecraft has been launching your servers for over 8 years, supporting nearly 30 games. With our exclusive, easy-to-use control panel and world class support team, we truly are Game Servers Done Right.