Turn your passion of gaming into real money

As you play with the Mobius app you will earn Mobius Coins. Mobius coins are your gateway to turning your passion into real money. Use coins to buy in-game items such as card packs and skins at amazing discounts or cash them out directly to USD.

Conquer In-Game Challenges

Supercharge your game even further with Mobius’ in-game challenges. Mobius challenges offer players the opportunity to earn even more while playing their favourite games. As you play, challenges will pop up prompting you the get out of your comfort zone and try to play the game in different and unique ways. If you beat the challenge, you earn even more.

Dominate in Automated Tournaments

Whether you’re a naturally competitive gamer or super casual, Mobius empowers you to experience the thrill of competition in your favourite games with an unparalleled simplicity.

The Mobius app offers dozens of tournaments in every day and every hour for you to dominate in. Mobius tournaments are completely automated with automatic score reporting, brackets and prize distribution leaving you to do what you love most, playing the game.

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Currently supported games:

  • Hearthstone
  • StarCraft 2
  • Apex Legends
  • Fortnite