• Real-time position tracking with the Overwolf App
  • Position streaming to mobile devices and tablets (via web)
  • Group functionality to support multiplayer
  • Trace your routes and save up to 5 game sessions
  • Nodes with tools, weapons and many more
  • Screenshots for the most important items
  • Custom nodes for you to save interesting locations
  • Overlay mode for seamless progress tracking
  • Easy to use and navigate with customizable hotkeys
  • Multiple languages are supported (English, German, Polish, …)
  • Web version / PWA for ability to use the map "on the go": SOTF.TH.GL
  • Open Source for community contributions: GitHub

If you want to share idea for awesome new feature, have problem and can't figure it out or just want to see how the progress on the project is going. Come and join us at: Discord


"Sons of the Forest Map" is an Overwolf app designed for the popular game "Sons of the Forest". With this app, you can track your position (and the positions of your friends) in real-time and trace routes with ease. It also allows you to discover nodes of weapons and other points of interest, making it easier to navigate through the game. Additionally, the overlay mode of the app ensures that you can keep track of your progress without leaving the game. With this app, you can stay on top of your game and enjoy an immersive gaming experience.