Nightingale Interactive Map - Navigate the Gaslamp Fantasy Realms

Description: Embark on a journey of survival and adventure into the mysterious Fae Realms of Nightingale! As a brave Realmwalker, explore alone or with friends, navigating the visually stunning Gaslamp Fantasy world. Uncover secrets, craft, build, and fight with our indispensable companion, the Nightingale Interactive Map. Explore the app's web version at


Real-time Location Support: Enhance your adventure with real-time location tracking, immersing you deeper into the mystical world of Nightingale.

Live Mode: Discover creatures, treasures, and other points of interest in real-time with Live Mode! Traverse the Fae Realms with dynamic updates, intensifying your exploration.

Second Screen and Overlay Mode: Immerse yourself in the Gaslamp Fantasy world with the second-screen mode! Utilize the app as an overlay and minimap in-game, enriching your gameplay directly within the fantastical environment.

Comprehensive Point Discovery: Uncover the secrets of Nightingale with precise point marking, guiding your journey through the dangerous yet captivating realms.

Regular Updates: Stay ahead in the adventure with frequent updates to the map, ensuring you never miss the chance to uncover hidden treasures and mysteries.

Efficient Search Functionality: Easily locate specific points of interest with our improved and streamlined search functionality, making your exploration seamless.

Community Engagement: Connect with fellow Realmwalkers on our Discord server and share your tales of survival and triumph in the Fae Realms.

How to Use:

  1. Install the Overwolf app.
  2. Open the Nightingale Interactive Map.
  3. Dive into the Gaslamp Fantasy Realms with detailed location support and real-time tracking!

Begin your journey into the unknown – download the Nightingale Interactive Map now and make your adventure extraordinary!