Among Map is your number 1 assistant for Among Us.

Learn to navigate you way around each map and tasks as a crewmate or imposter with detailed map. Keep track of who you are clearing and suspicious of with suspicion notes.

Current Features:

  • High quality Map that you can zoom in and out easily

  • Suspicion Notes to keep track of who you are clearing and suspicious of

  • 2nd Screen support (easy to configure hot-key to have map on second screen)

  • Markers for normal tasks, standard tasks that are given to crewmates

  • Markers for common tasks, tasks are given to every crewmate in a game

  • Markers for visual tasks, tasks that show an animation to prove you are a crewmate

  • Markers for vent and their connections

  • Markers for special interactive parts of the map

  • Map Annotation to mark dead bodies or last seen

Coming Soon:

  • Detailed information and location of each task
  • Pro tips and tricks

Keep track and never lose your way and win more games with Among Map