Guardian (Alpha): Your AI-Powered VALORANT Coach

Guardian revolutionizes your VALORANT gameplay with a sprinkle of AI, offering personalized insights and strategic advice in real-time. It's not just an app; it's your gateway to becoming a more skilled player. Here's how Guardian stands out:

KDA Out, GScore In: Guardian takes a new approach by awarding points to players who make the right decisions for the team. Trade your teammates, play together, get traded, and you'll receive more points. Because we all know that one top-fragging Reyna player who always loses.

Think Like the Pros: Experience the power of AI as Guardian takes on the role of a skilled FPS coach, providing instant feedback during matches. Celebrate your good choices and receive customized tips at the beginning of rounds, all designed to enhance your decision-making.

Round Analysis: Guardian analyzes each round's events, including trades, kills, deaths, assists, and objective statuses. All the details that help in understanding team dynamics and pinpointing impactful moments.

Transparency: Guardian shows you how you impact rounds. Understand which decisions lead to round wins and which ones to avoid.

Embrace the future of gaming with Guardian. Powered by AI, it transforms raw data into a strategic advantage, pushing you to refine your skills and conquer the competitive world of VALORANT. Ready to level up? Guardian is your key.