UPDATE: The Dotabuff App's new update introduces In-Game Assistants!

  • Choose the Assistants to suit your gameplay, including Timing, Items, and Abilities.
  • Drag-and-drop (Ctrl+X) the Timing and Items Assistants to position them where you want.
  • Bring the second-screen App experience directly into your game with a quick toggle (Ctrl+Z).

Bring Dotabuff directly into your game of Dota 2!

Level up your skills with assistance from the most trusted Dota 2 website.

Choose the modules that will benefit you and your level of play the most:

  • Draft smarter with our drafting advisor
  • Select a winning item build with our Items module
  • Discover the most successful ability build with our Abilities module
  • Keep track of key game events with our Events module
  • Take advantage of team power spikes with our Power Spike module
  • The Dotabuff App will help you learn and strategize so your game play improves, and you can climb out of your MMR trench!

Note: App is still in beta, and is currently fully functional in All Pick games. Limited functionality may be available in other game modes. Scaling may not be supported across all resolutions.