Dear Operators

Welcome to R6 Calls.

The goal of this app is to help you improve your map knowledge. Doing so you will become the best teammate, dead or alive. The possibility in Siege to make calls to your team is really an advantage not to neglect. Therefore, the best you are at making calls and react to them, the better.

R6 Calls provides the following features:

  • An In-game window that you can move and resize to your convenience. This window is a minimap that will automatically load the current match map. Your position will be displayed on this map during the game. This will provide you information about the name of the rooms surrounding you and the fact that you can destroy the floor or not.

  • Second Screen window Just like the in-game window this one act as a minimap. But having it on a second screen allows to see it in a wide version. It also adds the possibility to see multiple floors at once. It is very useful when you want to play vertically with explosives or line of sight through the floor. From that window you can select the layers of information you want to see.

  • Desktop window The app is also a Desktop app. It is design to learn maps and create strats on them. It contains all maps, floors, layers of information, calls. It is divided in three modes. The Explore Mode is where you learn all about the maps. The Learning Mode hide the names of the rooms and let you test your calls knowledge The Strat mode is an advance tool to create strats. Choose your site, operators and gears. Place your equipment, break or reenforce walls. You can then export those strats with your teammates and work on it.