What is PatchMe?

PatchMe is a League of Legends app that lets you:

  1. Check latest changes and patch history for any champion or item.
  2. Adjust your picks in champion select based on the latest changes in your current game mode.
  3. Get accurate spells and stats description for all champions.
  4. Learn about different game modes balancing and adjust your tactics accordingly.
  5. Get easy access to all the above information INGAME without obstructing your gameplay.

Supported Game Modes:

  • Summoner's Rift (Ranked & Normal)
  • Arena
  • ARAM
  • Nexus Blitz
  • Rotating Game Modes (URF, One For All, etc..)

We have compiled (and written) most of the information that you usually need to scour the internet for in one compact package for you to access at any time, outside the game and inside.