Spell Tracker

Spell Tracker is easy to use Summoner Spell Cooldown Tracker.
With ST, you will know the cooldowns of every enemy's summoner spell (Flash, TP, etc.) so you will be able to easily decide WHEN and HOW to outplay your opponent.
With ST, tracking teleport is so much easier than ever before. Calculating teleport's cooldown can be difficult since it's dependent on your enemy's level. With ST, you'll be able to easily enter your opponent's current level into our overlay and let ST do the work for you.

Another amazing feature that ST has is our MMR tool. We pull MMR from " What is my MMR " using their API so you'll have a really good idea on what your current MMR is.

In the near future, we plan on adding plenty more functions to ST such as match history tracking, champion select assistance, a cleaner and more fresh UI as well as postgame details such as how good for your performance was.

Spell Tracker doesn't discriminate based on elo, every user can make great use out of this tool no matter what rank you are. Let's win some games together!

Join our Discord for more information and let us know what you'd like to add!

RIOT Games does not endorse or sponsor Spell Tracker.