The VALORANT StatsCenter is the best way to analyze, improve, and feel more connected to your VALORANT gameplay. The VALORANT StatsCenter (Open Beta) includes:

  • PRO-QUALITY MATCH RECAPS. Data you’d see on esports broadcasts, just for you. Analyze agent positions at the time of kill, death, and spike events.

  • NEW STATS TO BETTER UNDERSTAND YOUR IMPACT If you do 100 damage and take 101, did you really have a good round? Stop looking at ADR; use Delta Damage instead.

  • UNIQUE DEATHMATCH AND SPIKE RUSH RECAPS. New ways to look at your warmups and fun game modes.

  • PERSONAL RECORDS. Never wonder again what your personal high for frags is, how many knife kills you’ve gotten, or your best performance on Haven.

  • FEATURES THAT IDENTIFY YOUR STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES. Are you a defender or an attacker? How do you perform on each map? Which friends do you play best with? Find the answers in VSC.

VALORANT StatsCenter is currently in Open Beta. If you see a bug or have an idea for improvement, use the bug icon in the top-nav to get in contact with us!