What can I develop?

We’re currently focused on supporting Overwolf apps. Apps running on our platform are where we can bring the most value and drive the most profit for developers. We’re also looking to start investing in game mods during 2019. Learn more about how to develop Overwolf apps here: developers.overwolf.com

How much can the fund provide?

The fund grants between $10K and $150K to each approved developer, depending on their needs and the potential value of their app or mod.

Will investment cost shares in my company?

No. The fund does not receive shares of your company. You get the investment, and pay it back to us from rev-share - in case you’re able to monetize your app.

What does the Fund require of me?

No. The fund does not receive shares of your company or any form of equity. You get the investment, and pay it back to us by sharing your revenues - and even that only in case you’re able to monetize your app.

How can Overwolf help beyond funding?

You will get product advisory, monetization services, technology, promotion and distribution. We’re a one-stop-shop to help you bring your idea to life, while helping you with the heavy lifting.

What do we do with revenues?

The investment is initially given as a grant. If your app will monetize, we’ll hope to get our money back through rev-share, so that we can re-invest it with other apps.

Can I get development support from Overwolf?

Yes, you can. Our developer success team as well as SDK documentation are extremely helpful, and we’ll help you overcome any onboarding obstacles or technical issues you encounter.

Is this fund meant for individuals or teams?

Both! We invest in creators, whether they work alone or as part of a team - if the concept is solid and the skill set is there, we will welcome you -- one and all.

Who should I talk to if I need more information?

Aviram Sisso is our Director of Developer Success and can assist you with the application process or provide more in-depth information. Email fund@overwolf.com to reach him!

Is the fund suitable for startups?

Yes! It’s suitable for all developers - startups included.

What is the fund’s timeline?

We’ll let you know what we think within a couple of weeks. Investing up to $50K is relatively fast and painless, and investing more will require further due diligence. Apply here.

What happens if my app fails?

It’s a risk we all take. In case it did not work out, we’d appreciate the effort, thank you for trying, and encourage you to learn from your mistakes, grow and possibly start something else.

*Terms and conditions subject to change. Overwolf developer terms.

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