Rainbow 6 Tracker

Powered by Rainbow 6 Tracker, track your MMR progress as you play and how close you are to leveling up or down!

Live Match Stat Tracking

View the MMR of your team and your opponents. See clearly what everyone's MMR is so you can adjust your playstyle. We also calculate your chances of winning using an Elo prediction algorithm.

Using our live scoreboard feature, track every player's current performance in your match. This includes current match K/D, entries, first deaths, KPR, SRV, plants and headshot%! You can also track your kills, deaths and headshots each round! All this information is saved into match history at the end of each match too!

View your Operator, Map & Weapon Stats

Understand what your strengths and weaknesses are. Take action based on the data we provide you and start winning more games!

Rivals and Allies Data

Track your stats against the enemies or teammates you encounter the most. See how many matches you've played against or with X player and compare your win%, K/D, best & worst maps!!