Core Feature::

Capture and list items while playing Diablo 4. Get flawless cutouts of In-Game item cards in Diablo 4! A single keypress captures your screen In-Game and begins processing it to find the item you selected. Then you're given a super simple form to fill out and 'List It!". That's it. List items onto The Crimson Market in under 2 seconds!

Future Plans::

  • In-Game communication with The Crimson Market Broker Bot
  • In-Game notifications from The Crimson Market platform.
  • In-Game item listing history and personal marketing stats
  • In-Game item shopping directly from The Crimson Market platform.
  • In-Game play time logging . Earn Loyalty Points while you play Diablo 4
  • In-Game maps and wiki for access to the complete tomb of knowledge for Diablo 4