Discover Peeps: The Best Clipping Software for Gamers!

Peeps offers an incredibly user-friendly method for recording and editing gaming clips. With just one click, you can capture clips and enhance them with memes, sounds, GIFs, and more to create engaging videos


Peeps Automatically record your gaming highlights in 14 games, and manually record in over 2000 games.

Auto capture supported games:


-Lethal Company

-Apex Legends

-Call of Duty: Warzone

-Counter-Strike 2

-Dota 2


-League of Legends


-Rainbow Six Siege

-Rocket League

-StarCraft 2


-Overwatch 2

Manuel capture supported games : CHECK HERE


Unleash your creative genius with our video editor. Effortlessly trim your clips or craft epic montages that capture the essence of your gaming adventures.


It's time to share your gaming triumphs with the world. Easily select your favorite clips and share them with friends and rivals on your favorite social networks.

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