• Champion Recommendations for Team Comps: Instantly calculate win rates and scores for any champion and role, tailored to the synergy of your team and the opposition.
  • Optimized Builds for Every Match: Dive into a vast analysis of rune, item, skill, and summoner spell combinations to craft the perfect loadout for the current game.
  • Personalized Recommendations: Choose from personalized or fixed experience champion recommendations to suit your gameplay needs.
  • Adaptable Champion Picks: Whether you prefer a strategic approach or a fixed set of favored champs, LoLTheory adapts to your style for peak in-game performance.
  • Strategic Ban Suggestions: Gain the upper hand with smart ban choices that undermine the enemy's potential and enhance your team's chances of victory.
  • Flex Pick Forecaster: Turn the tables on enemy surprises by predicting and preparing for their flex picks and role swaps.
  • Elo-Tuned Recommendations: Sharpen your edge with strategic advice tailored to your rank, including trend-aware build paths to outplay opponents.

Additional Goodies

  • Champion Quick Picks: Secure your go-to champions faster with customizable pinning during champ select.
  • Elo-specific Recommendations: Get rank-specific recommendations to improve your gameplay.

Step into the Rift with LoLTheory at your side, and transform each match into a victory march as you master your champions and climb the ranks.