Don't Facecheck - we did it for you!

Feeling blind when entering the Rift? Facecheck shows you who to target, how they lane, where you fail and how to improve.


  • Scout your teammates, get recommended picks and bans, import full builds and runes into your client with one button.
  • Create your OWN builds and rune pages to use in Champ Select.
  • Learn new champions through Learn Champs with all the latest builds, tips, and counters
  • Track and compare your stats across champions and see which ones perform the best
  • Refresh your memory with game patch notes, see who's buffed, nerfed, or change in the latest game patches


  • Scout the enemy team and your lane opponent and prepare yourself with our in-game tags system
  • Dynamic graphs with the most crucial information you need to adapt and perform the best
  • Jungler? Use our jungle camp timers to track and optimize your jungle clear
  • We support multiple monitors with a unique window for those power users


  • See how you did compared to others in our Postgame Breakdown after every match
  • Win rates, full runes and last builds
  • Live stats on all summoners
  • Team comp analysis, damage distribution


Don't worry - we got you too

  • Check out the latest and best team compositions
  • See meta trends and tier lists for Champions, Items, and Synergies
  • Overlay and in-game features will assist with those items and recommendations
  • Defeat PvE levels with ease with our suggested Formations

And much much more..

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