WoW Info shows you what a person brings to a raid/group. Be it Immunities, Dispels or Portals, WoW Info will show you if your current group in the builder has them or if some one signing up to your group will bring it.

  • Immunities.
  • Dispels.
  • Interrupts.
  • Cooldowns.
  • Raid Buffs.
  • Offensive Debuffs.
  • Utility.

A group composition can be made for all 8 groups, with information for all 12 classes and 36 specs. Icons and Class/Spec colors make it easy to recognize who is whom.

When in the game, Applicants to the Looking For Group will be shown in the Applicant list and moussing over them will show what they will highlight what they bring to a group.

Never forget to bring a timewarp like buffs again, or to make sure you have that extra damage taken debuff for the bosses!

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