Warframe Helper will make it easier to find weapons, frames or companions that you still need to master/gild. Providing a list of (almost) all items, after a one time setup for what is mastered already, you can sort based on obtainable, vaulted, mastered, level requirement, category or type, Warframe Helper will help you decide what to go for next!


  • Suits: Warframes, Archwings, Necramechs.
  • Weapons: Primaries, Secondaries, Melee.
  • Gildables: KitGuns, Zaws, Amps, Moas, Hounds.
  • Companions: Sentinels, Kubrows, Kavats, Vulpaphylas, Predesites.

Updates being worked on already:

  • Automated Mastery Tracking.
  • Required Crafting Components and how many you already have.
  • Relic list and what can drop from them.
  • Duplicate tracking.
  • "Hold on to this", for when mastered items are a requirement for crafting other items.
  • Suggestions where to farm/level, or what to master next, based on level and resources.
  • Up to date prices for relics and components.

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