Paldeck Enhanced

Elevate Your Palworld Adventure!

Dive into the world of Palworld with unmatched ease and insight using Paldeck Enhanced, the ultimate companion app designed exclusively for Overwolf. Whether you're navigating treacherous landscapes, seeking to optimize your base, or hunting for that rare Pal, Paldeck Enhanced is your go-to guide.

Interactive Map with Live Player Location

Our Interactive Map goes beyond simple navigation, offering you a treasure trove of information at your fingertips, including your live player location. Discover vital Points of Interest (PoIs) including Boss locations for thrilling challenges, Fast Travel Points to swiftly navigate the expansive world, Merchants for your shopping needs, hidden Dungeons for daring explorations, and Respawn Points to plan your strategy. With our map, you're never lost but always on a path to discovery.

Comprehensive PokeDex Style Database

Immerse yourself in our detailed PokeDex inspired catalogue of Pals. Each entry is meticulously crafted, featuring the Pal's Number, Name, Type(s), and valuable information on Loot Drops. But we don't stop there – understand each Pal's unique Partner Skill and Work Suitability to strategize how they can contribute to your base's efficiency. Whether for battle prowess, resource gathering, or utility, knowing your Pals inside and out makes for a seamless gaming experience.

Discord and Website

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