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It’s time for a challenge. One where the winners get rewarded and the world gets to use big, badass, new apps for TeamSpeak. We’re looking for all you code junkies who are up to the challenge of making the most awesome apps for Overwolf and TeamSpeak, using our new SDK. Think you've got what it takes to make the next best thing for TeamSpeak?



To celebrate the upcoming GW2 WvW events, we added a special GW2 prize category. Create the coolest GW2 WvW app and win epic loot!


The contest has ended on Sep 26th 2014. We highly appreciate all the developers who've participated and welcome everyone to participate in future contest!


Thank you all for participating! It was one wild ride till the end. The apps we have received throughout this whole competition are all amazing and are worthy of their places in the Overwolf Appstore!

Saying that, there has to be a winner, 4 in this case. It was a tough call, as they were so many amazing apps, but these are the cream of the crop and deserve to be rewarded.


Rush Box

Prefrontal Cortex

About the app: Rush Box is a World vs World app that shows you all the maps and scores for your matchup. This includes timers so you know not to run over and beat your head against a buffed Guild Claimer.

About the Dev: They are a powerhouse team of three designers and developers, focusing on experience, design, and the future. Everything they do has something in common: being made to astound, to uncover and release new possibilities, and to delight. Of course they’re also passionate gamers who like to explore worlds, fight enemies and rescue princesses.

Words of Wisdom: Always remember - Writing code is the easy part. Thinking about your users, the look and feel of apps is where most of the work should go. Dream first, code later!

$4,000 Cash prize

SteelSeries 5Hv3 Headset

SteelSeries Apex Keyboard

SteelSeries QcK Mousepad

SteelSeries Sensei Mouse



Janni "Redeemer" K

About the app: YaTQA is a TeamSpeak controller app that enhances your TeamSpeak in game, slimming it down in a sleek black and red UI. Manage multiple servers, mute/unmute yourself or chat away!

About the Dev: Janni has always been interested in computers and developing software, but instead of working in the software industry, he decided to become a computer science teacher. He’s had less time to play, but still loves developing tools for games or other gaming-related software.

Words of Wisdom: The only thing that counts during the project is the project.

$3,000 Cash prize

SteelSeries 5Hv3 Headset

SteelSeries Apex Keyboard



Prancesco "meh" Pertugio

About the app: This is an app that will have you question where the game UI ends and the app begins. This WvW timer and objective keeper is made to match the Guild Wars 2 UI and provide you with the crucial information on all the objectives, including buff timers, and scores of the servers in Word vs World.

About the Dev: He is a self-taught programmer (started at 10 years old) and has knowledge of few dozen programming languages and mastered about half of them. Forever living the dream as a wizard apprentice.

Words of Wisdom: Disregard succubi, acquire magic.

$2,000 Cash prize

SteelSeries QcK Mousepad

SteelSeries Sensei Mouse


Rush Box

Prefrontal Cortex

Stephane, GW2 Community team: WvW Rush Box immediately felt like a well-designed overlay application. It has a unified look&feel which makes it easily readable on top of Guild Wars 2. I liked its modularity as it allowed to open only the windows I want and position them wherever it works best. The application manages to convey important information in a subtle way, like income, bloodlust or timers. It has all the basic features you’d expect from a WvW application, including TeamSpeak integration, without overloading you with too many tools.

Regina, GW2 Community team: WvW Rush Box has an easy-to-parse interface, allowing a user to understand a lot of information with just a quick glance. While other WvW overlay apps may use a mini-map that is a replica of the Guild Wars 2 in-game map, with all the terrain details involved, WvW Rush Box’s design is a lot simpler—to its advantage. Rather than using a numerical countdown for RI, WvW Rush Box opted for a graphical way of displaying that information, and again the simpler way works well because the important information is still conveyed quickly. While other apps had more features, such as deeper TeamSpeak integration, WvW Rush Box is a polished app that provides the basics, does it very well, and also includes a few advanced features. Because of this, I felt that WvW Rush Box is something that would appeal to a broader base of users.

$2,000 Cash prize

SteelSeries GW2 Sensei Mouse

SteelSeries GW2 Flux Headset

SteelSeries GW2 QcK Mousepad

GW2 Collector's Edition

2000 Gems, straight from the Bloodcliff Quarry


TS3 Panel

Idan "KillingFactory" Aharoni

About the app: The TS3 panel gives you the ultimate control over your TeamSpeak in an amazing looking UI. This app brings you bookmarks, mute buttons and a chat all in one!

About the Dev: He got into gaming when he was just young, starting with MMORPGs and got into more genres. Currently he's addicted to WoW, CSGO and DotA 2 where you can find him owning the field.

Words of Wisdom: Magic is real - programming!

$1,000 Cash prize

notable apps

There were so many apps and so many devs that have just been amazing and deserve to have an honorable mention mention. Here are some of the amazing apps that you should check out:


by Michiel “m01” Blokzijl, 25

About the app: An app based off of the Jasper, an open source platform for developing always-on, voice-controlled applications, that lets you control a bot by speaking in TeamSpeak!

About the Dev: He got into "real world coding" after telling a game server admin that he knew some C++ . The admin's response was something along the lines of "Cool, I could use some help with this anti cheat project I'm working on!" - and the rest is history.

Dota 2 Timers

by Robert “bontscho” Seibert , 29

About the app: An awesome Dota 2 timer that uses your TeamSpeak to share the information with your friends!

About the Dev: He's been into web development since the age of 13. Ambitious gamer and interested in the tech scene behind the games. Curious about the latest technologies and dedicated to bring people together with his software.


André “aRestless” Becker, 26

About the app: Markers is an amazing app that allows you to mark pretty much anything in Guild Wars 2. Your imagination is the limit with what you can do with this, from creating a scavenger hunt all across Tyria to just helping your Orichalcum runs.

About the Dev: If he likes a game, he doesn't just play it, he’s committed to it. You’ll always see him trying to make the game even better, usually bound to giving feedback in forums.

Ahhh Dragons WvW

by Brian “kerpow” Hayes, 32

About the app: Brian created a clean and easy to use Guild Wars 2 WvW app that provides you with all the info you need to rule in World versus World. It also adds the ability to see everyone on the map who has that app and enters in a key, syncing everyone up.

About the Dev: He got interested in programming early because Johnny 5, WOPR and HAL were awesome (from the movies Short Circuit, War Games and 2001 respectively). Brian’s first useful program was a key logger to get his Mom's AOL password. She eventually figured it out but for a few days he was able to play on Diablo 2 on after 9PM, free from they tyranny parental controls. Since then I've written many more programs with far less nefarious goals.

SWD WvW Timers

by René “Rvgate” van Aerle, 27

About the app: These timers are sleek and don’t interfere with your game. You won’t even see them unless an objective was flipped. The best part is? You get a great wake up call whenever something is taken so you never miss when someone flips your camps.

About the Dev: René started his programming ways in Flash4 back in 1999 and then continued learning several programming languages shortly after (PHP, Javascript, Python, C#, you name it). He now works full time as an CDN innovation engineer at an international hosting provider and is a gamer mainly interested in multiplayer games. He normally enjoys the community/guilds/people more then the game itself.


by Thorsten "thorwe" Weinz, 36

About the app: Toolbox is exactly that, a wonderful toolbox. It brings to you a TeamSpeak chat, a ready check, sound control, an announcement system and a Guild Wars 2 WvW map all in a very unique and good looking UI coupled with a huge amount of hotkeys.

About the Dev: Has been drawn to coding by his interest in audio engineering, so naturally majored in analytical philosophy. Claims to not regret it. If you want to see more from thorwe, check out his github page (

User choice

The User Choice is selected by the Overwolf users. With all the apps in the special TeamSpeak | Guild Wars 2 Category, we will tally all the installs of each app for 1 month and whichever app has the most installs, wins. We will update this section on October 20th when the 1 month period is over. Check back here for the winner. Until that date, you can see who is in the lead by watching this leaderboard right here. The leaderboard will be update on a daily basis.

  App Name Developer Downloads



Bruce Hack, founder and CEO of BLH Venture LLC and former Vice Chairman of Activision Blizzard, Niels Werensteijn, Project Manager for TeamSpeak, and Yuri Loginov, the Overwolf Product Manager. Judging the GW2 challenge is the ArenaNet Community Team.


ArenaNet is calling all available great minds to focus their creative energy to better the Mist Wars. Create the best GW2 WvW app you can. No need for it to be related to TeamSpeak, but they won’t get mad if it is... The GW2 WvW challenge is judged by the ArenaNet community team and has its own prize pool.


If you’re not a developer but still want to contribute and influence the contest, head to our Facebook page and vote for your favorite app! The app that gets the most votes will be our User Choice winner.


Need an idea for an app but them ol’ neurons aren’t firing up? Ask users on the Overwolf, TeamSpeak, and Guild Wars 2 forums. You can also take a stroll through our TS feature request page and the Guild Wars 2 WvW app ideas page.



So you’re all finished with your app and want to hand it in? Submitting your app is easy as pie. Now I think we’ll have some pie, while you follow some instructions.

  • JUN 23th


  • JULY 1st


  • Sep 26th


  • Sep 13th




What does it mean to develop a TeamSpeak or Guild Wars 2 in-game app? Using your imagination and coding skills you can craft great apps. Fuse these with the Overwolf SDK and you can have great apps inside PC games. Be it volume controls, notifications, or an admin panel, the choice is up to you.


Overwolf's SDK v2.0

Use KAIGOS (Kick-Ass In-Game-Operating-System) technology to get information from the game, and present HTML and JS content inside PC games. Learn more

TeamSpeak Control DLL

The bridge between every TeamSpeak related piece of data and your apps. Get TS3 related data while still coding HTML and JS apps. Do so by simply integrating TS3 NPAPI plugin

Guild Wars 2 API

The Guild Wars 2 API enables third-party applications to access data directly from the Guild Wars 2 servers. Pull WvW match details, objectives, maps, guild info, and plenty of other useful stats about the game. Find answers for all of your questions on the Guild Wars 2 forum.

Overwolf's Chrome based browser

Supports HTML5 and JS, it’s the base of every one of the Overwolf SDK apps. Unlock its full potential and put it to the test.


No fees or purchases are required to participate. Any submissions past the due date will be excluded from the contest. Winners will be determined by a panel of judges selected by Overwolf, TeamSpeak and ArenaNet. The winners will be contacted by email on September 20th and will have 72 hours to confirm their prize. If no confirmation is received, new winners will be selected. Overwolf is responsible for shipment of the prizes only. All additional fees that might be required by local law are not included.

Submission deadline had passed, thank you for participating. Stay tuned for the winners!