The Sentry eye tracking app development challenge

Living organisms, welcome to the future. Tobii, SteelSeries, and Overwolf invite you to test your development skills with the latest and greatest in eye tracking technology.

The SteelSeries Sentry is the world first consumer eye tracking device for gamers, built on Tobii’s platform. Participants have the unique opportunity to get their hands on the Tobii EyeX Development Kit which is 100% compatible with the SteelSeries Sentry, prior to release.

We’re looking for the most advanced apps and new gaming experiences which will be compatible with the SteelSeries Sentry, Tobii’s SDK and Overwolf’s SDK. If you can code and think you are ready to deal with borderline alien technology, your time to shine has come!


Sentry Challenge 2014 Comes to an End

Congratulations to the winners! There have been many amazing SteelSeries Sentry apps handed in. All of the apps were top notch and choosing the top ones were difficult. You have all shown that you're capable of creating something amazing that is the first of many apps to come for the eye tracking tech.

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Fight with Light

by Prefrontal Cortex

About the app: Fight with Light is a top-down shooter played with both your mouse and eyes. You control a future warrior, equipped with cutting-edge technology, who has been sent to a planet whose surface turned to darkness. Hideous creatures roam and you have to defend against them. While your character can gun down enemies like in traditional shooter games, you have to constantly scan the environment with your eyes to bring light into the darkness.

About the dev: They are a powerhouse team of three designers and developers, focusing on experience, design, and the future. Everything they do has something in common: being made to astound, to uncover and release new possibilities, and to delight. Of course they’re also passionate gamers who like to explore worlds, fight enemies and rescue princesses.

Words of wisdom: Always remember - Writing code is the easy part. Thinking about your users, the look and feel of apps is where most of the work should go. Dream first, code later!

Watch it in action!

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GamerEye Trainer

by Chris “Docjekyll” Johnson

About the app: The best League of Legends players know to watch their minimaps for incoming ganks. Pro Starcraft players always know how many resources they have. Healers in top raiding guilds always watch party members' health bars. This app was designed to help you train yourself to check important areas of your screen regularly in game. Configure up to 4 'hotspot' regions on screen and they'll flash to remind you if you haven't looked at them recently.

About the dev: He has been coding for as long as he can remember. He started out as a teacher but now works full-time as a web developer. If he's not coding he's probably either playing video games or spending time with his family.

Words of wisdom: That program you've been thinking of writing--start writing it. :-D

Watch it in action!

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by Michiel “M01” Blokzijl

About the app: Forgot to mute your TS when you turned around to answer some question? Embarrassing results? There's an app for that! You can choose whether to mute your mic, speakers or both when you look away from the screen.

About the dev: He got into "real world coding" after telling a game server admin that he knew some C++ (having read a book or two on it and done the examples). The admin's response was something along the lines of "cool, I could use some help with this anti cheat project I'm working on!” Being thrown into the deep end of the pool was a good experience, and since then he's written code for microcontrollers, routers, robots, PCs and "the cloud".

Words of wisdom: The only way you get to work on cool stuff is by doing cool stuff.

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$5,000 Cash prize

SteelSeries Siberia Elite Prism

SteelSeries Sensei Wireless Mouse

SteelSeries DeX Mousepad

SteelSeries Apex Keyboard

$1,500 Cash prize

SteelSeries Siberia v2 Headset

SteelSeries Sensei Mouse

SteelSeries QcK Mousepad

SteelSeries Apex Keyboard

$500 Cash prize

SteelSeries Siberia v2 Headset

SteelSeries Sensei Mouse

SteelSeries QcK Mousepad

SteelSeries Apex Keyboard

Notable Mentions

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Fast Sight

by Blond Jérémie & Co.

About the app: Fast Sight is a fun arcade style game where you use your eyes to pick up buffs or delete terrain to get farther and farther in the game. While also being super fun to try and beat your record, it helps you try to anticipate what's coming next and teaching you to think ahead.

Watch it in action!

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By Idan “KillingFactory” Aharoni & Barel Azulai

About the app: Eye Control allows users to create dynamic eye controlled onscreen buttons which you set up to do specific functions like screenshot taking or Teamspeak when you look at them. Think about playing Counter Strike and wanting to change songs, just look at the button on the screen and move on to the next one without skipping a beat.

Watch it in action!

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TransWeb Search

by Melogo Tom

About the app: Transwebsearch features a unique concept - a window that disappears if you're not looking at it. This app creates an internet search and if you're not looking at it, fades away.

Watch it in action!


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The SteelSeries Sentry Eye Tracker

SteelSeries has teamed up with Tobii to develop the world’s first training device to improve your gaming performance. It already tracks your eyes, analyzes the data, benchmarks your stats to your favorite players, and now you will use it to create revolutionary gaming experiences.

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The Judges

Marcus 'djWHEAT' Graham - Director of Community at Twitch.
Anders Olsson - VP software partners at Tobii.
Jeff Mahlmeister - SteelSeries Senior Director of Software and team.
Yuri Loginov - the Overwolf Product Manager.

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App Ideas

Feel like you really want to code an app and just need an idea to get you going in the right direction? Check out our app ideas page for instant inspiration.

Contest timeline

Make sure to follow the requested procedures by the dates mentioned on the timeline below. We wouldn't want to see anyone "go". Find out more

  • Oct 14th


  • Oct 25th

    Chosen developers

  • Dec 10th

    First draft app

  • Dec 31st


  • Jan 22nd



Registration process

From those who sign up only 100 developers will be chosen to participate in the app development challenge. Those selected will receive Tobii EyeX dev kits and will compete for the awesome prizes by coding incredible apps.
*Participants will be chosen based on a short admission form that will be sent to the sign-up email. The form must be submitted by Oct 25th for a chance to participate.
**Participants from these countries cannot participate as we cannot ship the Tobii kits to them - Colombia, Brasil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia or India

Development Process

Using your imagination and coding skills you can craft great apps. Fuse these with the Overwolf SDK, Tobii SDK, sprinkle some 3rd party API on top and you can have great apps inside PC games.

Overwolf's SDK v2.0

Use KAIGOS (Kick-Ass In-Game-Operating-System) technology to get information from the game, and present HTML and JS content inside PC games. Learn more

Tobii EyeX SDK

Unlock the full potential of the SteelSeries Sentry using the Tobii EyeX SDK. Now available through Overwolf, so you can continue coding HTML and JS, while still enjoying the features of EyeX. Getting started, Tobii API references

Overwolf's Chrome based browser

Supports HTML5 and JS, it’s the base of every one of the Overwolf SDK apps. Unlock its full potential and put it to the test.


Q: How many apps can I submit?
A: As many as you can make in the allotted time for the contest!
Q: What kind of app can I submit?
A: You can submit whatever type of app you want, be it an Overwolf app or just a standalone Sentry app.
Q: Can I change my app idea from what I wrote on the registration form?
A: Of course! You can create whatever you wish so long as it follows the rules of the contest.
Q: I want to use <x> in my app, but I don't know if I'm allowed, what do I do?
A: If you're not sure about using something in your app, contact us at and ask us. We'll check it out and let you know if it's OK.

thank you for participating!

about tobii

Tobii is bringing eye tracking to personal computing. The company develops and delivers comprehensive eye tracking solutions as well as eye tracking components for integration with computers, gaming and vehicles.

about steelseries

SteelSeries is a world-leading gaming peripherals brand. For more than a decade SteelSeries has created products for gamers that give them the edge to win. In partnership with Tobii Technology, SteelSeries is introducing the Sentry Eye Tracker - a product that analyzes and trains players on how they can improve performance. Through a partnership with Overwolf, SteelSeries will collaborate with game developers and application developers in order to bring eye tracking as a form of control to games.

about overwolf

Overwolf is an in-game overlay software that adds epic apps to PC games. Overwolf has an extensive SDK which allows creating web-based apps using HTML and JS (there’s also NPAPI plugin support). The apps can later be downloaded from the Appstore and shared.