Overwolf and Twitch will hold app coding contest for gamers.

The two companies offer a transparent communication layer Live Rounds on top of popular PC games that are already on the market. Live Rounds adds “floating videos” to Overwolf’s in-game overlay. That enables gamers to connect, interact, and chat with teammates while playing.

The new offering from the Tel Aviv-based company provides a novel way to retrofit existing games so that they can support virtual goods and micro-transaction-based business models.

The company will have a lot of competition, but it’s at the forefront of a trend toward the socialization of all games.

Overwolf provides an easy way to integrate social media within games to boost virality and reduce user acquisition costs without touching a line of code."

Microsoft Israel’s Best & Brightest on Parade at ThinkNext Tel-Aviv.

"With Overwolf, any game publisher can integrate social media and have it just a click away,” added former Xfire GM Chris Kirmse, who works closely with the company. "They have achieved the quality of user interface that I was striving to build at Xfire."

The addition of Ezra Hoch, Ph.D. as well as the addition of Chris Kirmse, the person behind Xfire’s technology, to the company’s advisory board solidifies the company’s engineering direction for years to come and firmly establishes a competitive advantage in the market.

Game publishers can add this functionality without touching a line of code in their game, making it fast and seamless to integrate social media into their games. Overwolf is entering beta with multiple launch partners and their own branded versions.

Overwolf is working on such a solution. The company announced during GDC 2012 a new collaboration with Intel to help make PC games playable on Windows 8 tablets.

They have made another step forward in catching up with the industry by teaming up with Overwolf to provide in-game social features to keep players connected.

Runes of Magic, The free-to-play fantasy title, now features something called the Magic Hub, and if you're into Facebook as well as easily publishable screenshot and video captures, you'll want to check it out.

With major companies like Activision releasing social networks for their own games like Call of Duty Elite--and Xbox 360 having cross-game social features since its launch--the desire to share is certainly there. And as publishers and start ups alike begin to notice, the lines between Facebook game and hardcore game continue to blur. Services like Overwolf are only the beginning, so it might not be long before the word "social game" becomes moot.

I love feeling connected to the world and the community, but I also like skipping around, checking my e-mail, browsing the web, and all the other wonderful things that being a product of the 21st century allows.

The BizSpark startup of the day is Overwolf, based in Israel. Below you will find an interview with Uri Marchand, CEO and Co-founder of Overwolf. All the best to them and congratulations for being the startup of the day!

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