NVIDIA and Overwolf invite you to participate in the NVIDIA App Challenge. Create Overwolf apps that capture, edit, share, and brighten-up the best moments in gaming.

Harness exclusive game APIs and the power of GeForce GTX GPU's video encoder to make ground-breaking, never before seen apps that gamers won't be able to do without.

Submission phase ends in:



Thank you all for participating! It was one wild ride till the end. The apps we received throughout this whole competition are all amazing and are worthy of their places in the Overwolf Appstore!

Asus - ROG

1st place - $4,000
League of Legends Champ 101
by Colorfulstan

Champ 101 gives you a quick lookup for all the basic champion information you need if you

1. Are new to League or playing casually

2. Are wondering what abilities of that rare picked champion actually do

Runner up - $1,000
ROG Weather
by Bennet Gigliotti

Powered by weather data from OpenWeatherMap.org, weather for more than 200,000 cities.

Media API

1st place - $4,000
by SmiteGuru

Capture your epic moments in SMITE and instantly share them with SmiteShot!

Runner up - $1,000
Controls for Spotify Desktopr
by GamingVibe

Provides controls to the desktop version of spotify.
Will work with Spotify free or premium accounts.

Free for all

1st place - $4,000
Hearthstone Lite Deck Tracker
by Lior Boim and Gabi Kahlon

Welcome to the Hearthstone Lite Deck Tracker app!

This app will display the deck you currently play with and your opponent's played cards.

Runner up - $1,000
Heroes of the Storm Talent Picks
by David Filipidisz

Check out in-game what talents are the most popular or has the highest win rate for every hero. All data provided by www.hotslogs.com

Media API

1st place - $4,000
Warface Moments
by Julian Aziz Haslinger

We all know that problem.. you just killed someone with a perfect 360° no scope and no one believes you. Worry no more.

Runner up - $1,000
by goodbyte

With GEM you can attach actions to game events, as simple as it gets. And more...

Game Related

1st place - $4,000
by Nathan Schwartz

Similar to ReplayHUD or ShadowPlay, WarShadow provides the ability to save your previous gameplay.

Runner up - $1,000
Warface Commander
by Lunation Studios

With this app you always keep the control of your game. You can watch your stats and work on your accuracy.

Media API

1st place - $4,000
by BobDev

VoiceTrone will recognize phrases you speak into your microphone and in turn allow you to trigger actions, like key presses, sounds, it even can speak to you.

Runner up - $1,000
Borderless Videoplayer
by Scax

Use the integrated Twitch api to search for the Steams or Channels you want to watch or simply login to your Twitch account watch the streamer you are following let's go.

Game Related

1st place - $4,000
Marvel Heroes Statistics
by Julian Aziz Haslinger

This app creats it's own statistics and will show you how many were killed by you, your friends or any other user.

Runner up - $1,000
Marvel Heroes Companion
by JM

Displaying always up-to-date recommendation for your current hero, it will help you cleaning up your stash.

Game Related

1st place - $4,000
by Chrisp6825

Track your progress battle by battle with detailed reports on your kill/death ratios, killstreaks, and more.

Runner up - $1,000
by defektiv0

Display match stats in real time: kills, deaths, CPU damage and healing are all instantly updated as it happens, and you can review an up-to-the-second combat log detailing everything that happens during a battle.


Unfortunately we had to cancel these categories, as the amount of apps submitted did not meet the minimum required in our terms

Game Related

Media API

Media API

1st place winners also win a GTX 980ti
and Nvidia Shield Pro!
All runners up get an NVIDIA
Shield console!
1st place winners in the ROG category
win a G-Sync Monitor!
All qualified apps will receive
an Overwolf Mousepad
and T-shirt
* all prizes can be shipped only to North America and European countries


The NVIDIA Video encoder found in GeForce GTX GPUs enable access to high-performance H.264 video encoding and can record up to 4K resolution at 60 FPS with minimal performance impact on supported NVIDIA GeForce GTX GPUs (GTX 650 and higher).

The Judges

The ones who will decide your fate. Who are they? Each category will have slightly different judges. In each game category you will have 1 representative from the game makers as well as a judge from Overwolf and NVidia while the Overwolf Category will be Overwolf and Nvidia. Together, they will crown the best app out there!

Meet your panel of judges:

Johnny Yu - Product Manager at ROG - ASUS

Yuri Loginov - Product Manager at Overwolf

Brian Grayson - VP of Business Development at HiRez

Michael Khaimzon - Creative Director at CRYTEK

Sergii Ievtushenko - Senior Game Designer at Robocraft

App Ideas

Feel like you really want to code an app and just need an idea to get you going in the right direction? Check out our app ideas page for instant inspiration.

Contest timeline

Aug 6th

Challenge starts

Nov 12th

First draft

Dec 14th

Challenge ends

Jan 4th

Winners announced

Registration and submission

In order to participate in the challenge you must sign up and submit your app by Nov 29th. Sign up early, as you'll get additional information and updates via email. You can find additional information about the submission process and Overwolf apps here.

Any submissions after Dec 14th will be disqualified from the challenge. Read the full terms.

First Draft

Please submit your first draft by Nov 12th. This first draft consists of:

  • A screenshot or mockup of your app.
  • A brief explanation of your app and what it does.
  • A brief overview of what your next plans are for the app and the remaining steps

None of this info will be shared to keep the fairness of the competition and is for internal use only.

Development guidelines

Development Process

You can craft great apps using your imagination and coding skills. Fuse these with the new Overwolf media API, Exclusive game events, and the dedicated game API's and you get great apps inside PC games. Remember, you must create an Overwolf app. To make things fun(ctional), use the web-based SDK, and if you're into C/C++, take a stab at the NPAPI plugin (you can even use it to easily port existing apps). Last but not least, you can also use any 4th party web API.

Overwolf SDK

Use the Overwolf SDK (ODK) to get information from the game and present HTML and JS content inside PC games. Overwolf has an expansive list of API's and we support all 3rd part web API's out there. Learn more.

Game events SDK

SMITE, Marvel Heroes 2015, Warface, and Robocraft have all added new, exclusive, live events from their games to the Overwolf API. The NVIDIA encoder, alongside these new events will let you develop intricate and exciting apps. Here are a few examples of the newly added events:

  • Warface - bomb defuses, flag drops and pickups, slide kills, kill streaks and much more.

Overwolf Media API

This contest will introduce the new Overwolf Media API. This API will include features you can use to create custom video apps. You can capture video, cut and edit it, and much more. You can also use Nvidia's GPU encoder for powerful and smooth video capture (works on GTX 650 cards and above). Asking yourself what this API can do? Look no further than Replay HUD.




So how much time do I have to develop and when will you announce the winners?

The development and submission phase of the competition starts on Aug 6th and Ends on Dec 14th 23:59 PST. Winners will be announced on Jan 4th.

What app should I develop?

Pretty much anything you can think of. Try asking around on the game specific forums, or try your gamer friends - what would they like to see? You can also use our app suggestion page.

How many apps may I submit?

No limit to the amount of apps you may submit, but make sure you're happy with your first app before rushing on.

Do I have to use the Overwolf Media and game APIs for my app?

Depending on the category. There are multiple categories in the contest, each one has different requirements, one of the categories has no special requirement other than creating an Overwolf app!

But I have sooo many questions! Where can I find the answers?

Our developer's forum has all the answers to your problems (most of them anyways).

Don't fuss, discuss!