Create any type of Overwolf App you want, while meeting Riot’s policy for 3rd party apps. Let your imagination run wild, and enhance the LoL experience in an exciting and new way. Once your app is ready, hand it in for your chance to win!

1st Place


+ Full set of Logitech G gaming gear

  • G502
  • G633
  • G810
  • C920
2nd Place


+ Full set of Logitech G gaming gear

  • G502
  • G633
  • G810
  • C920
3rd Place


* Logitech G gaming gear can be shipped only to North America and European countries

the judges

We’ve gathered the most legendary judges possible for this contest.
Together, they will crown the best app out there!


Ujesh Desai

Vice President / General Manager Gaming
at Logitech


CEO at Overwolf



contest timeline

SEP 19th
Challenge starts
OCT 23rd
First draft
DEC 4th
Challenge ends
JAN 1st
Winners announced

Wait! Which app should I create?
Do you have the skillz, but just lack the creative direction?
Check out our app ideas page for instant inspiration.

BONUS: Develop an app that also has Logitech LED
keyboard features! More information about our LED API
can be found here.


TL;DR – It’s a software client that allows any web developer to add features to PC games.

Overwolf is a platform that was built to make playing games more easy, fun and social. Technically, it’s a C++ engine which allows the integration of web apps written in HTML and JS, into client games. It has a client, AKA the “Overwolf client”, and a store, AKA the “Overwolf Appstore”. In a sense, it’s an advanced version of Steam’s shift+tab, built on top of an open platform.
With Overwolf, every web developer can add features to their favorite games, in the form of a single page web-apps. These web-apps can do whatever web-apps can normally do, but they get a major buff with the Overwolf SDK. With the Overwolf SDK, a web app can call functions like screen capture, or get notified in real-time when an important game event occurred, like a kill, a death, gold was earned and more. 100 CS after 10 minutes? We know if it happened or not, in real-time!

Who are we?
We’re a bunch of gamers and geeks, passionate about creating content for the games that we play. This is our anthem. In this event we’re focusing on one of the games we love the most: League of Legends! In Overwolf, Three times a week at 2:30pm, comes “Game Time!”… We stop all coding and development work to play the games we love. We end up playing League 95% of the time ☺. We can’t wait to see what cool ideas would come from the community, and look forward to some great apps that would make playing League even more fun, easy or social!

Cool stuff people are building on Overwolf:

Does working with Overwolf suck?

It doesn't.

In honor of the upcoming League of Legends app challenge Team LoLwiz would like to extend our gratitude and another warm "thank you" to Overwolf. In brief, we have had a kick ass journey with Overwolf! Our project began back in Q1 of 2014. Since then we have enjoyed amazing growth and success largely thanks to continued platform support, collaboration, and improvements by the Overwolf team. If you are a developer and as passionate about games as we are then look no further. Overwolf offers a wealth of tools, support, and opportunity for your future gaming app or idea. For those of you who are not developers, Overwolf's JavaScript based [SDK] means you can easily find a resource to bring your game app or idea to reality. With its simplified ability to inject your app directly into the game of your choice, Overwolf's overlay platform is unrivaled, unparalleled, and quite simply... extraordinary. So our suggestion is to get out there, start coding and let Overwolf do the heavy lifting for you... because regardless of your business model - whether paid, unpaid, ad based or subscription based, Overwolf's only limit is your imagination

Team LoLwiz

Monetizing your app to help support its future (and yours!)

Some Overwolf apps already make thousands of dollars a month from advertising. Apart from creating something wonderful that will enhance the experience of millions of players, you could also make a living for yourself. Take a look at LoLwiz as an example - it became the full time job of its developers.


In order to participate in the challenge you must sign up and submit your app by December 4th. Sign up early, to get direct email updates. You can find additional information about the submission process and Overwolf apps at Any submissions after December 4th will be disqualified from the challenge. Be sure to read the full terms!


Please submit your first draft by October 23rd before you start coding, so that we can make sure the app meets Riot’s guidelines. This first draft should consist of:


Riot Guidelines

TL;DR - your app cannot look like it is a part for the LoL UI, and cannot make real time recommendations based on how the game is progressing. For example, it is fine to create a builds app and show general big-data statistics, but it is not ok to create an app that suggest items that counter what your opponents build in real time.

Further, Riot Games were kind enough to allow the League of Legends community to use the League of Legends API to develop cool things for the game. But before you proceed with your Overwolf app development, it is crucial to read the “Legal Jibber Jabber” document and the “API Terms & Conditions” to see if your app idea stands within the rules and guidelines of Riot Games.

Development Process

TL;DR - go to Craft great apps using your imagination and coding skills. Fuse these with the new Overwolf media API, exclusive game events, and LOL API's and you get a great wonderful product. Remember, your creation must be an Overwolf app to participate in the event. To make things fun(ctional), use the web-based SDK, if you're into .NET, or C++, you can create an extension to support your Overwolf app (you can even use it to easily port existing apps). Last but not least, you can also use any other web API you may want.

Game Events SDK

Overwolf added new, exclusive, live event for League of Legends using image recognition and other graphic analysis methods. This will allow you to build even cooler things! Here are a few examples of the newly added events:

  • Death detection
  • Ultimate ability detection
  • Kills detection
  • Start and end of a match
  • Spells detection
  • More real time events can be found here


Wrong first name
Wrong last name
Wrong e-mail


Is Overwolf compatible with Riot Games guidelines
for 3rd party apps?

First, Overwolf has an ongoing relationship with Riot and send them every 3rd party apps for review and approval periodically. Furthermore, according to several forum posts made by the Riot Games team itself, Overwolf is one of the “Good 3rd parties programs” that you can use as a League of Legends player. You can find more information about what Riot Games have to say about Overwolf here and also here. Here’s is a screenshots from Riot’s on developers event:

How much time do I have to develop and when
will you announce the winners?

The development and submission phase of the competition starts on Sep 19th and Ends on December 12th 23:59 PST. Winners will be announced on January 1st.

Which app should I develop?

Pretty much anything you can think of, as long as you comply with Riot’s policy for 3rd party apps. Counters tips? Draft suggestions? Try asking around on the game specific forums, or try asking your gamer friends - what would they like to have? what would help them win? what would make their LoL experience even better? Here for example, you can see Dyrus using the Legendary Build app while playing. More apps can be discovered in our app suggestion page.

How many apps may I submit?

There is no limit to the amount of apps you may submit, just make sure you're happy with the quality of your app before submitting and creating another one.

Do I have to use the Overwolf or Riot APIs for my app?

You are required to use the Overwolf API. You can start investigating our API in the Overwolf developers website.

But I have so many questions! Where can I find the answers?

Our developer's forum has all the answers to your problems (most of them anyways).